Free Shipping Over $49 | All Products 100% Made in the USA | All Natural Ingredients.

Free Shipping Over $49 | All Products 100% Made in the USA | All Natural Ingredients.

Who is Morouk?

Organic Beard Oil

We are a group of small town guys with a problem. We wanted beard oil that was affordable, readily available, yet all organic and without any harsh chemicals that would damage our facial hair and skin. With dreaded beard itch and poorly conditioned beards, we took to the Internet for a solution to this problem. What we found was frankly that there was a large divide between the alleged Mom and Pop operations and the corporate brands as far as messaging was concerned. One claimed to have affordable products, but their ingredients included words we couldn’t pronounce and several types of chemicals we all knew would damage both skin and hair over time. The other offered so called “premium” products with better ingredients but at considerably higher cost. And oddly enough, nearly every beard oil we could find on this boutique, small batch market still seemed to include some kind of ingredient labeled “fragrance” or “parfum” meaning it could be one of up to 2,000 different ingredients that the Environmental Working Group believes could very well be highly hazardous to your health. Needless to say, while that premium beard oil might smell great, it costs a lot--upwards of $40 an ounce--and has “secret” fragrance chemicals in it we probably wouldn’t put on our skin if we knew what they were.

DIY Beard Oil or Affordable Premium Beard Oil?Being a group of DIY fellas, several who were already brewing their own beer, we thought, why don’t we just make our own. We did some research, sampled some carrier oils, smelled a few essential oils, and decided we could do this thing. Pooling some money, we mixed our very first beard oils.

Starting with several quality carrier oils, we tried out everything from jojoba to grape seed oil. We found that we really liked sweet almond oil because we could get it in the states and it very closely resembles the natural oils, or sebum, already present on your skin. But we ran into a slight probably, Sweet almond, like jojoba oil, is a little on the expensive side. Secondly, some of us who have a bit of drier skin found we had to apply a bit more of this oil to prevent beard itch and dandruff. We decided to cut our sweet almond oil with a second carrier that would be better for drier skin, that was abundant even in our neck of the woods, all organic, and affordable: soybean oil. Again, making the beard oil ourselves allowed us to create something we hadn’t really found on the market: a hybrid carrier oil based beard oil that would work for those of us with normal to drier skin types.

Lincoln Beard OilNext we experimented with various doses of several essential oils, from Sandalwood to Sage, Pine to Lime. But what we settled on was Peppermint Essential oil. I’d like to tell you it was all science, since we had discovered that this essential oil acts as a vasodilator, improving blood flow to your skin and enhancing hair growth, but the truth is we all liked the smell and the light tingling sensation this oil left on our skin and the way it made our beards and facial hair feel. We refined our methods over that first year, perfecting our Lincoln recipe--our all organic beard oil named after one of the greatest Presidents of all time, and a pretty darn good beard sporting man too, if I do say so myself, Abraham Lincoln. And we maintained a steady supply for ourselves by meeting up a couple times a year to have a few drinks, grill out, and make beard oil in my garage--not in that order, I might mention.

Hipster Beards or O.G. Beards?Then when the beard growing trend started to take off in the early twenty-teens, we started to notice more and more of our friends and acquaintances attempting to grow beards. Some of them were doing quite well on their own, while others were struggling in one of two common ways. First, and you know this already most likely if you’re on our website, but I’m gonna say it anyway, we would notice lots of guys growing their first beards suffering from the dreaded beard itch. My own brother was on the verge of shaving off the nearly months worth of scruff he was sporting because he couldn’t handle the itchiness of it.

Please, oh, please, when you run into a guy scratching at his beard, tell him about beard oil. It doesn’t even have to be Morouk beard oil. Just tell him! Cause it is such a game changer. Next we’d run into friends and colleagues at work who were participating in things like Movember or No Shave November, and they’d say things about how they could never grow out a full beard like us, though they’d always wanted to try.

In both these cases, we found ourselves passing along a bottle of our private stash to these friends, family members, and coworkers.

Epic Beard Oil for Epic Beards Everywhere

First, our beard oil soothes the skin, moisturizes and hydrates the hair follicles, and conditions your beard, while giving it a light and nice fragrance too. And doing all this eliminates that annoying beard itch and prevents beard dandruff or beardruff.

But our beard oil had a great additional function: the peppermint oil helps promote beard growth. So all of the guys around us who were struggling to get fuller beards or just grow in general had some solid success with our oil too. Now we aren’t going to say it is a miracle product. You still have to work with what your DNA and genetics gave you. But we find that the peppermint oil helps give your genes that added kick in the pants and stimulates additional growth to help fill in patchy sections. Some of us even think it helps us grow out our beards faster, but that’s hard to prove scientifically since some of us just naturally grow out a little faster than others.

Moral of the story is, we all started sharing our custom beard oil with our friends and family. And before you know it, we were running out of oil for ourselves. We needed another batch. So we started contemplating a larger order of carriers and essential oils, and before you know it, we realized something--there was a demand for our product out there--a beard oil that really was all organic, had no added fragrance or paraben, conditioned and hydrated like a boss, and didn’t cost as much as most premium oils on the market.

So we had a drink and a think with some friends...

Now we just needed a name.

So we brainstormed and had a few drinks. And ate some BBQ. And had some more drinks. The weeks went by. We sold some Lincoln to our friends out of the garage and were just about ready to find a way to scale up production, when we were sitting around the bar with a few of our friends, just chatting about life in general, and what comes up, but our Lincoln beard oil. We were trying to find something that sounded good and meant what the product did: makes you look good, your beard feel good, and treated you like royalty.

One of us was saying something about looking cut or stylish, and our buddy, Davit, turned to translate to his girlfriend when she made a face. And I caught him saying the word “muruq,” which I wrote down incorrectly as “morouk” cause I’m a total pleb. But when we asked him what it meant, he suggested that it could mean anything from “muscle” or “muscular” to “cut” or “shredded” and even “royal” or “lordly.”

Morouk: Muscular, Shredded, Royal

And suddenly we knew we were on to something. We all liked the way it sounded as a brand name and felt like it captured something we were after. After all, our beard oil made your feel like royalty and it gave you that defined, cut look. It made us feel good.

We’d been working on a few possible logos, most of them somewhat shaped like a beard, since that was what we created an oil for in the first place. And when a friend of mine who also happens to be a math professor, Dr. Drake, at a local college saw one of our potential logos, he pointed to it, casually, and said, “for all.”

Morouk: For All

I just looked at him. To us, we had a symbol that looked kind of like a beard coming to a point below a face. It was meant at the very least to invoke the image of a beard, since that was what we were going for. But Drake explained that an upside down “A” similar to our logo in a mathematical equation meant “for all” or to do this step for everything else in the equation. When I told the other guys this, it was like it all fell into place. After all what was our new venture but a desire to provide the best quality beard care oil and products at a price that was affordable to just about everyone out there. We had found our name and our logo. And together it meant something--spoke to all of us, just like our custom beard oil formula:

Because with Morouk, we can all be treated like Bearded Kings.
With Morouk, you didn’t have to be wealthy or live in a certain part of town to have a great beard.
With Morouk, you could grow the beard you always wanted.
With Morouk, you could be the man you wanted to be, all without breaking the bank.

What does Morouk mean to us?

Here's what Morouk means to us:

Royalty for All.
A Cut Look for All.
Great Beards for Us All.
Morouk. For All.

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