Free Shipping Over $49 | All Products 100% Made in the USA | All Natural Ingredients.

Free Shipping Over $49 | All Products 100% Made in the USA | All Natural Ingredients.

Capone Repair Créme Lotion

A Coconut and Palm Oil Based Lotion, Loaded with Vitamins and Antioxidants

Finally, a lotion strong enough to combat dry skin without leaving you smelling like a lady. Our Capone Lotion and Repair Creme locks in moisture and loads up your skin with vitamins and antioxidants designed to fight free radicals, aging skin, wounds and scrapes, and general dry skin. Whether you’re out in the elements for work or for play, our lotion will protect your skin and leave a light aroma of Cuban tobacco in its wake. Say no to dry skin, just like Capone said no to prohibition, with our repair creme and skin lotion and moisturizer. Lock in moisture, and even gain the upper hand against many common skin conditions such as scaly dry skin, sunburns, mild eczema, and even acne. If you don’t have a man-scented lotion and hand cream, you really need to try Capone. It could change the condition of your skin in a matter of a few days of use.

Bullet Points of Capone Lotion and Repair Creme

Let’s take a quick look at what makes Capone Repair Cream and Lotion a must have skin care product over the numerous skin revitalizers and lame box store hand creams out there on the market today. Here’s some great bullet points on one of our favorite new skin care products, Capone:

  • Derived from coconut, palm, and mineral oil
  • Jam packed with Vitamins, including A, C, and E
  • A manly moisturizer with free radical fighting antioxidants
  • Subtle tobacco and wood scent doesn’t overwhelm the senses
  • Pleasantly coats your skin, locking in moisture
  • Protects skin against UV light, mild skin irritants, and regular wear and tear associated with aging
  • and doing various manly acts, like chopping wood and loading crates of moonshine into the back of pickup trucks
  • An ingenious concoction of emollients (moisturizers) and humectants (“water magnets”)
  • Draws in and locks moisture in under a layer of natural phospholipids
  • Largely made up of all natural ingredients designed to improve your skin barrier function
  • And it does all this without leaving you smelling like flowers and candy canes
  • Capone Repair Creme and Lotion
  • Fight dry skin, acne, and daily skin damage--gangster-style!

A Lotion Fit for a King

Somewhere along the evolution of modern moisturizers, something obscure and largely unnoticed started to occur. Fragrance became one of the most powerful ingredients and dominant forces in the industry. While every type of skin and both men and women both need moisturizing lotions to help protect their skin from drying out or getting sun damage, strangely the industry seemed to cater mostly to women.

So when we here at Morouk decided to take the leap into the lotion market, we knew the very first hurdle we would have to address was scent. Don’t get me wrong, there are many lovely scented and solid lotions on the market. My wife prefers one that leaves her smelling like spearmint. But it’s so potent that I can detect when she’s entered our house, even if I’m on a different floor. And there’s something about walking onto the job site or into the office and having everyone turn to look at you because you spell like minty freshness.

Worse yet if the lotion you’ve been using smells like roses or fruit. By God, save me now!

So we knew Capone would have to avoid all of that fruity, flowery nonsense. We needed a scent that screamed male. We figured you couldn’t get much more manly than a smoky wood and tobacco aroma that wouldn’t overwhelm but was still there when you took a good whiff.

We must say that as we started on our research and development phase, we wanted to deal with this issue first, and we figured the next step would be to add in some moisturizing cream and voila, we’d be good to go.

It turns out even lotion is a bit more complex than that. And if you really want to make a stellar hand cream, you can pack your lotion with various natural and organic vitamins and minerals that will protect and enrich your skin.

We got to work making a great lotion that would prevent your skin from drying out while strengthening and revitalizing your body’s largest organ against the kinds of damage and abuse most of us take on a daily basis.

And I’m not talking about your wife or girlfriend nagging you either.

I’m talking about working with your hands, building something or tearing something down, exercising and playing sports, and even lounging on the beach with a cold drink in your hands and a cigar waiting to be lit.

That pretty much sums up our mission statement as far as Capone Lotion was concerned. But let’s dive into where our research team took us as we strove to make the manliest skin repair cream ever dreamed up.

Moisturizing Tag Team from Hell: Emollients and Humectants

Or Heaven? Heaven. From Heaven. Sure.

During our extensive development phase, we learned that even manly lotion needs a sweet combination of emollients and humectants. But before we go there, we should probably explain just what the heck those two things even are.

Enriching Emollients

Let’s level with you right off the bat here. Emollients, in our humble opinion, is really just a fancy label for moisturizers. But how they work exactly isn’t how we thought.

I guess previously I thought of moisturizers and lotion in general just as a lubricant.

Try not to chuckle too much about lube right now, especially if you’re at work, bro.

But seriously, that was what came to my mind when I thought about lotion. But it turns out emollients / moisturizers actually don’t just add lube to your skin. They form a protective barrier or oily layer on the top most part of your skin in order to trap water in, locking that moisture up against your skin and preventing it from drying out.

This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The colder the weather is outside for instance the more likely your skin is to feel all dried out. But moisturizer helps prevent that dry cold air from drying up all the moisture your skin cells need to stay healthy and strong.

Once again, lotion, like Capone, becomes obviously something that every man needs, whether you’re working outside in the dead cold of winter or sitting in an office devoid of humidity.

Alright, so emollients are the obvious ingredients that I suppose we all knew were in most lotions whether we knew the word or not. But what about Humectants?

Hydrating Humectants

Phase two of our dynamic duo, humectants are actually molecules that attract water. That’s right. They are substances that act like water magnets, pulling moisture up next to them. What’s really impressive about these ingredients though is that they aren’t water soluble, so they won’t absorb into the water, but they are fat soluble, so they will pull into your skin. And guess what they leave behind, pressed right up next to your dried out skin cells: H2O.

Combine these two magical ingredients together and you get a humectant that pulls moisture right up to your skin barrier followed by an emollient that locks that moisture in beneath a soothing, protective layer.

In other words, these two go together like a Cuban cigar with a fine single barrel Scotch.

Selecting the Best Ingredients for your Skin

So knowing what we know now, we set out to find the best emollients and humectants we could possibly get our hands on. And we were not left wanting.

We started with some staples of the moisturizing variety: mineral oil and glyceryl stearate. I’m sure you’ve all seen and probably used mineral oil before so nothing new there. This stuff locks in moisture and prevents scaly and itchy skin as well as reducing skin irritation. It works great as one of our main emollient ingredients.

But our other main moisturizer might be new to you. Glyceryl stearate is derived from vegetable oil, soy oil, or even palm, so it is 100% all natural. This plant based lubricant actuallys slows the natural loss of water from your skin cells.

These two stellar moisturizers start off the field, which is rounded out by dimethicone (a professional conditioning compound found in the best lotions on the market today), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (better known in these parts as Aloe vera), and Phospholipids.

And that final emollient actually deserves some attention all of its own. When we learned of the properties of this particular type of lipid we knew we had to include them in our final product.

First, Phospholipids are all natural emulsifiers, meaning they help mix the entire solution and keep it from separating out into it’s various elements and compounds. Ever tried to mix oil and water? When you’re making a lotion that’s basically the name of the game. Well, an emulsifier is what makes that all possible since otherwise the oil will completely separate from the water, forming a suspension, not a mixture of solution.

Enough science already.

Okay, so on top of being great for mixing this whole concoction together, what really drew us to Phospholipids is that way the structure works because it is actually the bridge between the emollients and the humectants because these substances really do it all: they lock in moisture and attract it like a magnet. In other words, it's a moisturizer meets humectant.

These substances actually are drawn both to skin and water, and as they absorb into your skin, they pull the moisture right up against it.

Likewise, they organize themselves into bilayers, similar to your natural skin. Basically imagine a matrix or mesh of phospholipids with tiny bubbles of water in between, all of this locked beneath a layer of additional moisturizers.

And as the phospholipids form the base layer up against your skin and seeing as these naturally occurring molecules are already a component of your skin, they are very unlikely to cause any irritation because it is like they belong there.

Science, FTW!

On top of these fantastic ingredients, we add in two additional and powerful humectants: the well known and lauded glycerin, which is like a super moisturizing, water magnet, and lauryl glucoside, a cleansing agent meets humectant that is derived from coconut or palm oil and corn sugars.

Before you know it, Capone has these two key types of ingredients working in concert to pull hydration up against your skin and lock it in with a protective layer of lubrication. You can’t get much better hydration that that even if you’re poolside.

But we still weren’t done yet because we knew we could load up our tobacco scented, water loving, lotion with vitamins, antioxidants, and even an additional secret ingredient that would take it all to the next level.

All those Vitamins

I think these ingredients are pretty obvious, but nearly everything else in our Capone hand lotion is vitamin related, an antioxidant, both, or related to the scent / color or some kind of preservative designed to prevent bacteria or fungus from growing up out of our lotion, cause that’s no fun.

This isn’t to say that the vitamins and antioxidants should be glossed over. Just like your hair needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, your skin needs them too. Vitamins A, C, and E are especially good for your skin, reducing damage from everyday activities and even sun damage. All of these ingredients, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C), and Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A plus Palm Oil) are essential vitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicals associated with damaging your skin and even some cancers.

So adding in these nutrient rich ingredients really wasn’t an afterthought, but actually this was a must have addition for the perfect hand cream.

But we snuck something else in there. Something that goes above and beyond the norm for lotion. I name dropped it, but chances are good that just like us you haven’t heard about it yet. Our secret ingredient:

Retinyl Palmitate

While we are proud and confident about all of our great products here at Morouk, we are particularly excited about Capone, and a good part of it has to do with this ingenious ingredient.

While Retinyl Palmitate does involve Vitamin A and Palm oil, both of which are already great products for your skin, it also has one more very powerful element.

You see, retinyl palmitate is a mild retinoid.

You’ve probably heard about these powerful medicinal creams on TV or the Internet lately as some of the best methods of fighting acne breakouts. And if you ever struggle with any kind of blemishes, then you’ve probably looked into these products.

And then you’ve probably heard about some of the side effects, like how the strongest retinoids out there aren’t even over the counter approved because of the adverse reactions: namely that your skin can become quite irritated by them while they fight against the bacteria that causes acne inflammation.

Well, Retinyl Palmitate isn’t like that. It’s a mild retinoid that rarely irritates anyone’s skin. But it still has acne fighting elements to it. In fact, many dermatologists recommend it to anyone with acne issues who also has sensitive skin or fears the extreme reactions that more aggressive retinoids can often produce.

While we initially developed Capone as a hand and body lotion, we are currently in the process of testing out its effects on facial skin, namely on the cheeks and brow. So far it appears that the same hyper moisturizing effects as well as the acne fighting attributes hold true on face and body skin. 

And if you know anything about how expensive many retinoids can be, you’ll be really pleased with our price tag. Likewise if you are the type of guy who’s ever struggled from acne elements elsewhere on your body--back-ne, anyone?--then you’re going to want to try out some Capone on your breakout areas fast.

Next Level Lotion

With all that being said, I think you can see why we here at Morouk are so very excited to launch Capone. And we think the lotion really will speak for itself. Whether you are looking for a mild way to fight acne breakouts or just suffer from dry skin or even just like the smell and texture, we know you’re going to love Capone Repair Creme.

And again, we’ve developed this new product line to be affordable and compatible with everyone’s budget. We don’t think having healthy skin is something you should be priced out of. Likewise, you shouldn’t have to use lotions formulated for females on your manly dermis.

Check out Capone today and hydrate your dried out skin.

Defy the norms.

Break the boundaries.

When someone tells you you can’t have healthy skin without flowery smelling lotion, whip out your Capone Repair Creme and Lotion and give them a whiff of that Cuban tobacco inspired scent.

And don’t forget to tell them about the extreme hydrating effects of all our moisturizers / emollients and humectants.

Likewise, if you’ve got a buddy who’s always struggled with acne but never wanted to go to a dermatologist to try to deal with it, you might tell him to check us out. What’s the worst that could happen? You smell like a man and your skin gets healthier.

I think it’s worth the risk.

Capone Lotion and Repair Creme

For the man in your life who’s fighting the good fight against dry skin.

For that back acne that just won’t go away.

For that damaged, tired looking patch of man flesh.

For everyone who’s ever wanted healthier skin.

Morouk: Capone.

Lotion and Repair Creme.

For All.

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