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Free Shipping Over $49 | All Products 100% Made in the USA | All Natural Ingredients.

Lincoln Beard Oil


A Beard Oil Beyond the Rest

Featuring an all natural blend of carrier and essential oils, this lightweight beard oil is designed to hydrate your skin and condition your beard to help keep both healthy and stylish. Our organic products are the best because you won’t find any greasy residue or heavy body here. The combination of carrier oils in our Premium Lincoln Beard Oil tag team moisturizing skin (Soybean Oil) and conditioning your beard hairs (Sweet Almond Oil) down to the roots of the follicles. These all natural oils supplement your natural sebum oil production, making maintaining a healthy beard simple and comfortable.

An Icon and Natural Tone

Our Lincoln Beard Oil features a menthol tone that is pleasant and reminiscent of a fresh mint julep on a sunny Summer afternoon. But that refreshing scent isn’t just for your nostrils. It comes from the main essential oil in our manly beard concoction: Peppermint Oil. After conducting detailed research and analysis of the various beard oils on the market today, we found one aspect to be heavily lacking. While many modern beard oils, from the boutique brands down to the cheap knock offs, offered decent conditioning via a solid carrier oil like our sweet almond oil, none of the other products out there today seemed to offer any substantive essential oil that did anything more than provide a pleasing after scent. While we here at Morouk are partial to Sandalwood and Pine scents just like the next guy, we felt that the main function of a beard oil shouldn’t be to make your beard smell like you just came stomping outta the underbrush of some preternatural wooden landscape. Rather we felt like our product should be about more than just smelling nice and conditioning and hydrating your beard.

That’s when we discovered the medicinal uses of peppermint oil, an essential oil that has been used for thousands of years to help promote hair growth and maintain healthier hair follicles from the root on up. And we said to ourselves, selves, wouldn’t that make for a great all natural beard oil? A beard oil that conditions and maintains a great beard all while thickening and even promoting additional new hair growth? Yes, sir! That’ll do just nicely.

Magical Hair Growing Minty Freshness?!

So after refining and perfecting our oil formula, we realized that peppermint oil was the best option for natural tone, tingling fresh skin, and promoting natural hair growth. Acting as a natural vasodilating agent, peppermint oil is able to promote better blood flow to the surface of your skin, improving the amount of nutrients and oxygen that gets into your hair follicles, right at the root of each manly hair on your massively masculine face. Manly.

Peppermint Leaves to stimulate hair growth

We found that most of us, whether you’re growing out your very first beard ever or been working on that man mane for years now, have at least one or two stubborn patchy spots. And while there are some heavy duty options out there to promote hair growth, like pills and synthetic creams like Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine), we were looking for a more all natural approach. And peppermint oil turned out to be the best possible combination of essential oil for all of the above. Not only does it promote thicker and better coverage beard growth, but it also acts as a great stress reliever and has even been shown to help those who suffer with regular tension headaches and muscular pain. Obviously, we’re all in on it here at Morouk for the ways it can help promote healthy beard growth. But we like what we see from this essential oil across the board.

The Best Beard Oil Around

All of these aspects of our small batch Lincoln Beard Oil make us confident in claiming we truly have developed one of the best beard oils to date. Where most beard oils are just about conditioning, our Lincoln Beard Oil does all that and then some by promoting healthier hair growth, helping flush out your existing beard and aiding in further new hair growth from your skin on out to keeping those ends from splitting. We highly recommend that you apply your Lincoln Beard Oil shortly after your morning shower, and follow up with a brushing with your favorite beard brush to help spread the oil from skin to the tips of your beard hair. The oil even helps act as a shaping agent, though for really curly or difficult beards, we recommend you check out some of our additional products, like our Da Vinci Beard Shampoo and Roosevelt Beard Conditioner, which act as ideal supplements to this stellar beard oil.

Lincoln Beard Oil

Why do you need Lincoln Beard Oil?

To paraphrase the great Reverend of Beard Oil, Matthew Newsome, himself, you don’t “need” beard oil to grow a luscious, long man beard, but it sure helps.

Here’s the long and the short of it: your beard hairs need lubricants.

Don’t fret. For most of us, when you first start to grow a bit of stubble, your body naturally produces plenty of oil to act as an organic lubricant for those pesky little hair buds. This naturally occurring oil is known as sebum oil, and it is produced inside your pores by glands called sebaceous glands. But here’s the problem. No matter how long your beard is and how long you’ve been growing it out, your body and these two glands inside each hair follicle only produces so much sebum. Some of us may produce too much of this natural oil, while others are chronically deficient and often suffer from dry skin as a result.

But no matter how much you naturally produce, there will come a stage during your beard growth when there just is no longer enough sebum oil produced by your glands to coat the entire hair from base to end. And that’s when the dreaded beard itch starts to hit you. While many of us just tried to suffer through this annoying stage of beard growth in the past, we now know that this is due to the lack of natural oils. And it turns out you can prevent this itching and irritating beard stage by simply introducing some organic oils of your own.

Our organic Lincoln Beard Oil contains two--count ‘em, two--carrier oils that are designed to mimic your body’s naturally occurring sebum oil. Our oils, Glycine Soja oil and Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil, both lubricate your entire hair follicle down to the root, picking up the slack when your natural sebum oil can no longer handle your beard production.

Other side effects of being deficient on sebum oil include having a crackly or prickly beard. If you’re just starting to grow out your beard, you likely know that once you reach a certain stage, your beard hair feels pretty silky, almost like the hair on your head. At this early stage, you have plenty of natural oils to lubricate and condition your beard hairs. I notice this personally all the time on my moustache. About the time I need to do some solid trimming, I notice the tips of my moustache occasionally stabbing the sides of my checks or the edge of my lips. The ends of your hairs are the first to become starved of these natural oils after all. And your beard works just the same way.

Finally, after some time of dealing with beard itch and / or crackly beard hairs, you may even start to notice some beardruff or beard dandruff. This is really just the dry and flaking skin beneath your beard finally giving up the ghost. And if you find this to be a chronic issue for you, then you, like most of us, are going to need a high quality premium beard oil sooner rather than later. The secondary function of our Lincoln beard oil, after all, is to moisturize the skin hidden underneath your beard, after all. But to understand that, you’ll have to understand the ingredients we employ.

When should I start using Beard Oil?

But before we dive into all that, we often hear from our customers on social media like Facebook and Instagram asking when should I start using a beard oil, like the Lincoln Organic Beard Oil we produce.

When should I start using Beard Oil?

The answer is sooner rather than later. Here’s the deal: whether you’ve just got some stubble or are looking to grow out your goatee into a full fledged man mane, you’re beard hair is going to need conditioning at some point. For most other types of beard oil on the market today, starting using beard oil early on might do little more than getting you into the habit of applying the product, that is until your beard becomes so long that your natural sebum oil can’t handle hydrating it. However, since our Lincoln Beard Oil includes the essential oil peppermint, it may help your beard to come in faster and fuller right from the word “go.” So honestly, there’s no reason to not start applying it as soon as you start trying to grow out your beard.

Now before you have any stubble, we’d recommend you start with a smaller application of our beard oil. And then as your beard starts to come in more fully step up to two drops or a dime sized amount, and even more for those sporting truly epic beards. The amount you use will be something you will have to kind of feel out too, as each of us produces our own amount of natural sebum oil, and beard length varies too. A good test is to rub the beard oil in fully, and if the palms of your hands and your fingers feel dry before you’re done massaging every inch of your beard, you probably need a bit more oil. On the other hand, if when you’re done applying our beard oil, your hands are still coated in oil, then you can probably use a little less next time.

When in doubt, for a full beard, we tend to start with two drops or about enough to fill a circle in your palm about the size of a dime. For most of us, that’s about the right amount. Then adjust for your own personal skin type and beard length accordingly.

Our Organic Ingredients

As we said before, at Morouk our research and ingredient combinations really set us apart from the other beard care companies out there. And if we don’t like a product, we reinvent it, innovate, and correct until we have exactly what we’ve been looking for in a beard care line, because most of us here at Morouk (ladies excluded) are sporting a decent amount of facial hair too and we use our own products to maintain our manly muzzle lashings and burly bristles too.

So when we set out to create the ultimate beard oil, we had a few must have properties, some more commonplace than others.

First, no matter where you get your beard oil, and we hope you’ll give ours a go, cause we do believe it is a top of the line product at an affordable price, make sure your beard oil has no synthetic ingredients like silicone or products you can’t pronounce the names of. I know we’ve been throwing around the scientific names of most of our ingredients here, but when it boils down to it there’s only five simple and organic parts to our Lincoln Beard Oil:

Lincoln Beard Oil: All Natural Beard Growth Promotion
  • Soybean Oil -- a carrier oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil -- our second carrier oil
  • Peppermint Oil -- an essential oil
  • Limonene -- a chemical found in citrus fruit peels
  • and Linalool -- a naturally occurring alcohol found in spice plants and many flowers

Now some of these parts, such as the combo carrier oils, have already largely been covered, but let’s run through what each of them does, because the second aspect we recommend you know before you put any beard oil on your face is what each ingredient does. We’ve seen beard oil that is silicone based or oil that has added fragrance or paraben, and we just wonder whether or not those manufacturers have any idea about the chemistry of the average man’s face.

So we’ll start with the tip top and most abundant ingredients in any beard oil:

The Carrier Oils

Most any beard oil should have at least one carrier in it. This is the main ingredient and the part that is designed to carry or hold the other ingredients and distribute them into your beard hair and down to the skin. Hence, we call it the carrier oil. Many beard oils will have just one of these which is fine but here at Morouk we recognize that the dryness of your skin beneath your beard might not quite match the level of lubrication your beard needs, and vice versa. For most of us, as your beard grows more epic, more and more of your natural skin oil is going to wick away into the hair of your beard. This leaves your skin underneath in a dry and itchy state that often leads to beard itch and even beard dandruff. So to deal with the itchy, dry skin often associated with beard growth, we opted for an oil high in linoleic acid designed to deal with everything from extremely dry skin to aggressive acne: soybean oil. Rich in omega-6 essential fatty acid, soybean oil helps balance out the skin and hair, producing a soothing, protective barrier and hydrating the hair follicles.

But we didn’t stop there because we also wanted a product that would be high in oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid that hydrates and compliments your sebum oil. For this we opted for sweet almond oil as it closely mimics your naturally produced oils and helps coat each hair of your beard thoroughly, just like sebum. We found this magical combination to be just right for most skin types, but as with everyone, we all are slightly unique and might require a bit more beard oil or less depending on your skin type.

Essential Oils

Next we turned to the essential oils. This is the part that the carrier oils carry. A lot of beard oil producers opt for scent over substance in our opinion. And while there’s nothing wrong with sandalwood and cedar, and we too love those old school manly notes, we went for a solid smell coupled with an essential oil that is actually good for hair growth. This is whether the peppermint oil comes in. While peppermint does put off a strong menthol scent, that isn’t the main reason we went with it. After all, your beard oil isn’t going to replace your cologne or deodorant or even your natural man musk. There’s just no way. So scent is really secondary when it comes to essential oils in your beard oil.

Natural Carrier and Essential Oils in Lincoln Beard Oil

Rather we wanted something that would stimulate more hair growth and help your beard come in fuller. After all, one of our most commonly heard complaints both around the office and on the Internets in general is struggling with a patchy beard. We know there are plenty of other products out there from magical pills to prescription face creams, but we thought we’d go with an all natural essential oil that has been lab proven to increase hair growth. Don’t believe us? Go look it up!

A study done back in 2014 found that peppermint oil acted as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to your skin. The increase in circulation further stimulated hair growth. And thus peppermint oil has been found to be an all natural method of promoting healthy beard growth and producing a thicker, fuller man mane. And it doesn’t smell too bad either. Bonus!

That Other Stuff

Now in some products, you might find the further you go down the rabbit hole of ingredients, the harder they get to pronounce and the more synthetic they become. And we could have gone with that cop out. It probably would have been easier and cheaper to produce. But we were trying to create an all organic premium beard oil here that we would feel comfortable naming after one of the greatest facial hair sporting US Presidents of all time: Lincoln. So we just couldn’t cut any corners.

Next up we add a bit of limonene. This natural chemical is found in the peels of most citrus fruits and is used as a mild solvent to help keep your pores clean and to help penetrate into your skin and lock in the moisture. This organic chemical is also known to promote weight loss and may even block some cancer forming chemicals and has been shown to kill cancer cells in some laboratory experiments. Who knew?!

As a bonus, it adds a slightly citrus tang onto the end of our peppermint main tones that likely only the most prodigious of sniffers could possibly detect. So smell aficionados out there, get your nose ready to detect those citrus notes on our Lincoln Beard oil. They’re there. Our laboratory scientists assured us, they’re there.

Then we finished off our beard beneficent concoction with just a dash of linalool, a naturally occurring terpene alcohol common in many plants that produce flowers and spices. Adding just a hint of additional sweet smell to our oil, this chemical is also a common intermediate downstream product to vitamin E.

Vitamin E: for your Hair

And here’s one you’ve likely heard before: Vitamin E is also good for healthy hair growth. While the ladies have been spouting this one for years, for most of us men, this is a new one. Turns out Vitamin E is good for, among other things, enriching and fortifying each and every little hair on your noggin, including the ones on your chinny chin chin. And guess what?

Both of our carrier oils, soybean oil and sweet almond oil, are rich sources of Vitamin E.

Trust us. Your beard is going to love this oil.

And all of these reasons are what make us here at Morouk confident that we’ve produced one of the best damn beard oils on the market to date. Each ingredient plays an essential part in skin and hair care, and helps make your beard come in as full and healthy as possible.

Made in the USA

All of our products are manufactured in the United States, in sunny California. We utilize only the best, premium ingredients, from around the world. And whenever possible, we use organic and all natural ingredients over synthetic or GMO products. We’re looking out for the planet and your body and helping you look good along the way.

You’re going to like the way your beard looks and feels with Morouk Lincoln Beard Oil.

And remember that here at Morouk, we don’t believe that good beard care is just for those with buckets of cash to spare either. After all, one of our core beliefs is Solid Beard Care for All at an affordable price.

Made in the US: Morouk Lincoln Beard Oil

Because with Morouk, we can all be treated like Bearded Kings.

Royalty for All.

A Cut Look for All.

Great Beards for Us All.

Morouk. For All.

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